Who Are We?

Domaine-Universitaire Grenoble

Le FEU (Foyer Evangélique Universitaire) University Student Ministry

Foyer, for Welcoming

To give life to the campus and its premises, the FEU organizes all kinds of activities: outings downtown, excursions to the sea or mountains, relaxing evenings and game nights, meals and more.

Evangelical, to discover the Christian faith

The FEU is a Christian association, that is to say that its bedside book is the Bible. This book is quite unknown, so we suggest you come to discover it with us, to understand what the Christian faith is: flyers, lectures, surveys to test the biblical knowledge are some of the means that we put in place to inform and raise awareness.

Academic, for training.

The FEU is intended to reach students. Now, what is more normal for a student than to train? The FEU offers you a special training: to accompany the students to grow in their faith, while facilitating their involvement in a church in the metropolis. We organize Bible studies, sharing and prayer groups, small discussion groups, humanitarian trips (eg in Bosnia), to encourage one another and to progress in our life with God.

Our History

The FEU Christian university student association was founded in 1973 thanks to the work of Carol Rumpf, Mike McLean, Henry Bryant and many others, all of whom were members of the Protestant Evangelical Church in Grenoble-Eybens (EPEGE). From the beginning, the FEU was conceived as a house open to students who wonder about the Christian faith. This FEU is now run by a team of coordinators and students. They report to an Administration Council (CA) made up of members representing various evangelical Protestant churches in the area. These churches are partners in the work. In 1994, the FEU moved to 3 bis rue Jean-Richard Bloch. For the past 40 years, hundreds of students have passed through the FEU Christian university student association to discover the Gospel, the central message of the Bible, to exercise hospitality and to live life alongside each other. Whatever their convictions or beliefs, everyone is welcome to share good times at the FEU.

Our Team

Johan Nicolet
Miriam Nicolet
Ruth McGarvey

Candice Guizonne

Photos by Noémie Frechet

Church Partners

Église Protestante Évangélique du Drac
163 Cours Berriat, 38100 Grenoble
Service Sundays at 10:15 a.m.

Église Chrétienne Evangélique
3 rue Casimir Périer, 38000 Grenoble
Service Sundays at 10:15 a.m.

Église Protestante Evangélique de Grenoble / Eybens (EPEGE)
16 Rue Irène Joliot Curie, 38320 Eybens
Service Sundays at 10:00 a.m.
04 76 61 99 86

Église Protestante Evangélique de Seyssinet
Z.I. La Percevalière, 8 rue Pierre Coubertin, 38170 Seyssinet
Service Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

International Church of Grenoble
3 bis rue Jean-Richard Bloch, 38400 St Martin d’Hères
Sunday service at 10:00 a.m.

Eglise Grenoble Est

16 Rue Irène Joliot Curie, 38320 Eybens
Service Sundays at 5pm.

Contact: 0771854545

For more information on churches in Grenoble, visit www.coeurnet.org