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Bible Study

Café « Chez ma Cousine », 49 rue des Granges

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Who are we?

Foyer – for animation

To bring life to the campus, the FEU organizes all sorts of leisure and cultural activities, charitable actions: hikes, relaxation evenings, various workshops, assistance to students, etc...

Evangelical – for awareness

The FEU is a Christian association, which means that its cornerstone book is the Bible. However, this book is relatively unknown, so we invite you to come and discover it with us, to understand what the Christian faith is all about: flyers, conferences, surveys to test biblical knowledge, Bible Discovery Tours, are just some of the ways we use to inform and raise awareness on this subject.

University – for education

The FEU's mission is to address students. And what's more normal for a student than to receive an education? But the FEU offers you a very special education: to accompany students in their growth in faith while facilitating their involvement in a local church. We organize Bible studies, sharing and prayer groups, small discussion groups, humanitarian trips, to encourage one another and to make progress in our life with God.

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We offer students in Besançon a Bible in English or French and 'The Bible in 90 Minutes' (a selection of texts that will give you a general idea of the content of the Bible, available in French).

You can also request to participate in a Bible Discovery Tour: 4 interactive meetings lasting about two hours each.

To request it, please use this .our la demander, utilise ce contact form.

Bible Discovery Tour

The GTB (short for 'Grande Traversée de la Bible', Bible Discovery Tour) consists of 4 interactive sessions that provide you with an overview of what the Bible says. It's like a 'Bible for Dummies' experience!

We start from the beginning of the Bible and journey to its end, covering key points along the way, all in four sessions of approximately two hours each. We don't delve into the details, but it already gives you a minimum understanding of the essentials.

It's an essential tool to enhance your general knowledge if you're coming out of curiosity, to refresh your basics if you're a Christian, or to explore the Christian faith if you're in search of it. There's something for everyone.

We launch a GTB whenever we have enough participants to form a group - it's better for interaction. To request a GTB, use this contact form.